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Please see our rules below for CDS.


Please see our rules below for CDS. 

CDS Competitor Requirements:

All competitors are required to attend the full 2 day experience of CDS.

CDS is designed for all genders.

All competitors must complete the judged open ballet class on stage in their level on 4th April (level information below).

All competitors need to prepare x1 classical ballet variation from our variation selection list according to their age level, performed on 5th April.

All competitors should be prepared to perform their variation additionally on finals night (5th April) if they are selected as a Top 5 finalist in their level.

All dancers must be present on stage for ‘Top 5 Announcement on stage’ for their level on 5th April (see event schedule).

Your variation music is provided for you and available to listen via

If you require to change your variation, please email & we will assist in swapping your variation.

Teachers may slightly alter & modify the variation choreography to suit the age and ability of the individual dancer.

You must dance the variation confirmed at registration on 4th April.

Once competitors are registered for the day, our CDW Team will be escorting all competitors to & from the stage/backstage/warmup areas.

Attire required for CDS:

Any coloured leotard is welcomed for CDS.

No skirts allowed for class selections on 4th April.

Dancers are permitted to wear bun/hair decorations during the class & variation selections.

Dancers can choose to wear a stage costume or matching leotard + skirt for variation/finals selections on 5th April.

Glitter is not permitted to be worn with makeup or on costumes.

Please arrive with full stage hair/makeup for variation selections on 5th April

For variation selections, flat shoes required for L1 & L2.

For variation selections, flat shoes or Pointe shoes are optional for L3 & L4.

For class selections, only flat shoes are required for all levels.

General CDS Rules:

There are 4 levels for CDS: L1 (8-10 yrs), L2 (11-12yrs), L3 (13-14yrs), L4 (15-18yrs). Your level is determined by the age you are as of 4th April 2024 of CD Scholarships.

You do not require to train in any specific syllabus to enter It is the responsibility of the teachers to chose and ensure the dancer is of a level to perform a classical repertoire variation.

Competitor entry CDS Reserves the right to remove any candidate who doesn’t abide by the the rules and regulations of our event.

Dancers will be given a number to be worn at all times when competing for CDS. Each competitor is required to wear their number across the 4th & 5th April

The decision of the guest judges is final and not influenced by Claudia Dean or the CDS faculty.

Entrants that accept permission of professional photography to be taken of them during the event may be used for social media and/or marketing purposes in the future.

The entry of parents and teachers into the studios and/or backstage areas is strictly prohibited.

Dancers must have their competitor number on display throughout the whole duration of the event.

Entries close 4th March 5pm AEST. No late entries accepted.

Click here to see our Claudia Dean World Term's & Conditions.