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Finding a leotard that suits your body & makes you feel confident is so important for exams, competitions and every technique class. You want to look for a style that flatters your physique, fits comfortably and most importantly, makes you feel like the best version of yourself during these moments.


Today we’re going to chat about the colours, styles and additional accessories you should look for in your garments, so you can feel confident in yourself whilst dancing.


Let’s begin with the most obvious as it's the very first thing that meets the eye: choosing the right colour. There is a colour for every skin tone and it is important to find the one that highlights your features. Everyone’s taste is very personal, however these are the colours I recommend for each skin tone:

- Pastel colours stand out beautifully against deeper skin tones.

- Peaches or pinks compliment tanned skin tones

- Blues and reds contrast wonderfully with lighter skin tones.


Neutral tones like Black & Grey look amazing on all skin tones too. Wearing the right colour will immediately make you stand out in any scenario which is a positive. Once you have caught someones eye, then it's your dancing that will draw them in even further. 


Next, you’ll want to select a style that compliments your body and makes you feel confident & comfortable. Look for leotards that are double lined, providing you with maximum coverage and support, so you can feel covered & supported whilst dancing.

- Leotards that feature details such as seams down the side or up the front also help elongate your leg line which is important to flatter your body.

- A waist seam or waist band can accentuate your shape and create a more flattering waistline.

- Low V backs on a leotard are an amazing way to improve the look of your epaulement, arm lines & arabesques.

- A lower line draws attention to the centre area of your body which is considered slimming. 

- If you have narrow shoulders, look for a leotard that has cap sleeves to help broaden your look, giving you an air of confidence.

- If you naturally have broad shoulders, cap sleeves will accentuate them, while spaghetti straps will create a lovely line through your upper body.

- If you have a bigger bust try a higher back & higher front for additional support & coverage if need be.


Extra details on a leotard such as mesh, lace and patterns can give your garment the X-Factor too. You can also add a matching skirt to complete your outfit. With skirts, try to opt for a sheer, mesh or lace skirt to increase your leg line & still make your feet/legs visible. If you are looking to cover your leg line, choose a solid fabric skirt and go for a slightly longer model. Matching your skirt to your leotard is a beautiful way to create a chic, streamlined look whilst showing that you care to co-ordinate your outfits for class. 


For an audition, I recommend choosing a bold colour that isn't bright, light or black. Select a colour you can easily be recognised in as often directors won't know your name, so it's important to have a colour that they can associate you with. My favourites include deep red, plum and royal blue. Try a leotard that has a simple design, with seam detailing to lengthen your leg line and compliment your physique. Pair it with a sleek French roll, matching coloured bow and light makeup to show the extra care. 


General class is your chance to wear unique prints and colours and feature different fabrics! Match your leotard to your personality and your mood on that day, experimenting with various styles and features. Class time is a chance to see what styles & colours truly work for you, then you will know what to wear for your more important moments. 


A black or navy coloured leotard with a princess cut at the front is an ideal choice for an exam. Ensure your leotard features a higher cut to lengthen your extensions & leg lines throughout your exam. Choose a mid-low back length to give you a nice backline & wear your hair in a high bun diagonally in line with your eyes and finish it off with a dainty bow.


A competition class is where your leotard should give you the X-Factor and make you stand out before you even start dancing. This is your opportunity to wear a bright or bold colour that compliments your skin tone, personality & type of dancer you are. I go for pinks, reds & blues. 


Finding the perfect leotard involves much trial and error. Experiment with styles, colours, materials and combinations, to find out what suits you best! Wearing the right leotard for the appropriate occasion will make you feel confident and look your best. When you feel fabulous in your outfit and are at ease wearing it, you will radiate conviction and that will trickle through to your dancing, while making you stand out from the crowd. Remember that my brands Claudia Dean Collections offer a wide range of styles, colours & accessories for you to choose from. Plus, I am always here for advice if you need help deciding what to wear! 


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