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As dancers we test our boundaries, both mentally and physically to become the best artists we can be. Injuries & niggles are inevitable because we are pushing our bodies to an extreme level & doing things that our body finds unnatural. This can often lead to unwanted injuries along the way, however injuries teach us patience, resilience & how to work smart. Injuries give us the opportunity to strengthen other areas of our bodies whilst the injury recovers, as well as a chance to break down & perfect our technique to remove bad habits that may have crept in. If you are currently battling an injury, remembering you will become a stronger dancer from this experience both physically & mentally. 


Many dancers agree that injuries have been the greatest learning curves of their lives. Aside from teaching them to deal with this setback with patience, determination and resilience, injuries have allowed them to discover so much about their dancing and the way they use their bodies. Having the time to reflect on what aspects of your technique can strengthen whilst you are injured is key.

For example:

- If you have an injured foot, use that time by clicking on a category that will strengthen your back, lats & arms.

- If you have a niggle in your back, use that time wisely to strengthen your feet.


This benefits you in the long run as you are then strengthening & preventing yourself from injuring another area of your body too. There will come a time when you will dance again, likely stronger and cleaner than you ever have before, with a new found gratitude and appreciation for every step you perform!


Take this time to shift your mindset to a positive one: Set yourself achievable goals and celebrate every small win along the way. These small goals may be as little as: you get to watch class, you are able to rise onto your demi pointe again or you can push your body further than what it did yesterday. As you heal and progress, start building back strength and stamina in a safe and sensible manner. Some things may not feel the same as they used to - as you come back from an injury, your body shifts and changes, and learning to work within your capacity is imperative for a healthy return to the studio, stage & your mental health.


Remember that first and foremost, you are a human. Honour this by allowing yourself to indulge in activities that are beneficial to your mind and body too, for example:

- Doing your exercises outside

- Cooking healthy meals

- Taking a pet for a walk

- Spending some time reading and journaling 


Taking care of your mind is just as important as healing your body! It will also allow you to discover more hobbies you enjoy doing for yourself & this broadens your perspective on life in general. There is always more to life than just dance- the more balanced & open you are to that, the less pressure you will put on yourself.  


Ultimately, this new awareness for your body will allow you to know your limits in the future, so you can work to the maximum of your abilities, without pushing yourself too far.


Accept that time away from dancing is precious time to rest and recover both your body and your mind, so you can return to the studio and stage a stronger, better and smarter version of yourself! We are here to support your journey & message us anytime if you need the extra support! 


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