About Class With Claudia

About Class With Claudia

Class with Claudia Intensive 

Class with Claudia Intensives are designed and structured around Claudia's well known 'Private Coaching' to achieve results. This format is used throughout the Intensives. Four full days of classes that allow Claudia to give every dancer the tools to master their technique in classical ballet. This is done through innovative exercises, skill changing corrections and Claudia's well known positive energy. Class with Claudia is perfect for any ballet dancer that needs to take their skills and training to the next level.

Class with Claudia EXCLUSIVE 

The Class with Claudia EXCLUSIVE Intensive provides the ultimate, personalised experience for dancers worldwide. With only 25 spots available, Claudia reveals her skill changing techniques to transform every dancers skill, artistry & mindset. The Class with Claudia Exclusive Intensive will include:

  • Individual technique classes specialising in turns, jumps, pointe, Royal Ballet Repertoire & more
  • One on one private mini coaching session with Claudia
  • X1 EXCLUSIVE Collections by Claudia leotard, unique to this intensive only
  • A fully personalised schedule of classes, including their private coaching session

The Class with Claudia EXCLUSIVE Intensive perfectly caters for all dancers between the ages of 12-17 years (age exceptions can be made). The 25 attendees will get to know Claudia and her Royal Ballet technique secrets to give them the edge for their professional ballet career. 


Class with Claudia DELUXE

Class with Claudia Intensives is thrilled to announce the Class with Claudia DELUXE Intensive! In collaboration with Pondera Physiotherapy, 10 lucky dancers from around the world will have the unique opportunity to be trained in the Claudia Dean World Studios in an experience that rivals her world famous personal coaching classes. 

The Class with Claudia DELUXE Intensive will include:

  •  Individualised technique classes specialising in turns, jumps, pointe, and Royal Ballet Repertoire
  • A Pondera Physiotherapy assessment to give you your very own personalised program filled with strength & flexibility exercises
  • A full, one on one 30 minute coaching session in the famous Claudia Dean World Studios
  • Your very own Collections by Claudia DELUXE leotard, unique to this Intensive
  • A complete personalised schedule of classes and sessions per day
  • A fully catered lunch every day and a DELUXE farewell celebration

The Class with Claudia DELUXE Intensive is fully designed and catered for all dancers between the ages of 12-17 years. These lucky dancers will work in an intimate and nurturing setting with both Claudia Dean & Pondera Physiotherapy to create their very own personalised program and unlock their full potential!