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What your favourite Collection says about you

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One of my favourite parts of my job is getting to create and design new dancewear and activewear collections and I absolutely love immersing myself in that creativity. Every dancer in our community is so unique, which is why I make it my mission to create a really diverse range of different pieces and collections, so there’s something for everyone! 

I thought it would be fun to delve into a few of our most recent collections to find out what your favourite Claudia Dean collection says about you… 


The Cotton Candy Capsule 

You're fun, lighthearted and don’t take things too seriously. Your optimistic, uplifting  and humorous energy always makes you the life of the party and you’re happiest when surrounded by a big group of people - especially when it’s friends and family. You know exactly who you are and love expressing your individuality whether it’s through your dancing, your fashion and style or even through art and other creative outlets. 

Shop the Cotton Candy Capsule Here

The LOVE Collection 

You exude a powerful and confident energy that extends into everything you do - whether it’s dancing, school/study or socialising with friends and family. You have an unwavering sense of drive and determination that’s perfectly complemented with passion - a combo that makes you even more unstoppable! Never one to turn down an opportunity for a new adventure, your overwhelming sense of courage and optimism makes people love to be around you. 

Shop the Love Collection Here 

The Island Edit 

You feel a really intrinsic connection to nature and absolutely love spending time outdoors, which is where you feel the most centred and grounded. You have a calm, warm and nurturing energy that probably makes you the ‘mum’ or ‘caretaker’ of your friendship group and love seeing your friends and family thrive. You always see the bigger picture and as a result tend not to sweat the small stuff - a very admirable quality and one that people love about you! 

Shop the Island Edit Collection Here


The Signature Collection 

You’re reliable, determined and always go above and beyond to achieve everything you set out to. You’re cool, composed and always reliable and you’re naturally fair and objective outlook make you great at always being able to see both sides of every story. You have a sophisticated and timeless vibe about you and a killer sense of style, that probably has your friends constantly asking to borrow outfits from you. 

Shop the Signature Collection here. 

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