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Learning ballet comes with so many benefits; physical, mental and social. Ballet teaches you a multitude of things and today I am going to discuss the many benefits of learning ballet & how regular practice can enhance your everyday life.

1. Presence and posture in Ballet is a wonderful way to get in touch with your mind, body and soul.

- The self-awareness you develop affects everything, from the way you carry yourself, inside and outside of the studio to the way you react to others around you.

- Ballet classes can help correct your posture, develop balance and improve your coordination. The stage presence ballet requires teaches you to hold your head high, straighten your back and keep your hips square, affecting how you sit, walk and stand in your daily life and even how you connect and communicate with others!

- At any level and age, ballet works the entire body from head to toe. The physical strength you learn to exert while remaining graceful and effortless will translate into everything you do beyond the studio.


2. Learning to listen and communicate

Ballet teaches us to listen intently and carefully; to the music, to instructions of teachers and choreographers and to our bodies. Learning how to pay close attention to detail and building a sense of authority and respect for those around us is a vital skill in life. As we learn to tell a story without words, we learn the importance of using our body to communicate and how our body language can affect those around us.

3. Working with others
Learning to take turns in class and on stages teaches us respect for others.
Being open to learning from others, exchanging ideas and cheering others on will help you lift yourself and others up. Ballet allows everyone to reach their potential through constructive feedback, collaboration and mentoring - every time you receive a correction or ask for help in the studio is an opportunity to develop as a dancer and a person. Besides, a ballet class can be a wonderful way to meet new friends with similar interests and passions. A ballet class can create a supportive community, in an environment where you learn and grow together with passionate, like-minded people, in the studio, or online!


4. Boost your mood and confidence

Whether you are practicing in the studio or performing on stage, ballet gives you the opportunity to create beautiful movements to gorgeous music, doing wonders for your self-confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, learning new skills and movements and eventually mastering them together with your classmates or in front of an audience, is great fun and a real confidence boost! Ballet is a wonderful creative outlet and a form of exercise that will help you develop self-expression in new and exciting ways! Focusing on how you use your body and moving to beautiful music is a wonderful escape from daily life! The intense physical workout of a ballet class releases endorphins, creating a real feel-good factor when those happy hormones are released!
Did you know that in addition, classical music can have a positive, calming influence on your brain, helping with concentration and focus?!


5. There are no shortcuts to success

Ballet dancers never think about how they could take less steps on stage. They create the illusion of effortlessness over time, through tireless work and perseverance. No one wakes us with stellar grand allegro or the ability to complete 32 fouettes - the amount of effort and attention you invest into your dancing will always determine the quality of your results!
Talent alone does not replace passion and effort, and will not allow you to reach your full potential. Wonderful things happen when you display perseverance, practice and commitment. Self-discipline may be one of the most valuable skills ballet can teach you. Ballet is incredibly complex - there is always a new step to learn and there is forever room for improvement.
Some moves may take you years to master, but the satisfaction you will feel when you succeed is incomparable. Perfection may be unattainable in ballet, but we can learn to love the process. This is a lesson we can apply to our daily lives: We can always become a better version of ourselves - Whatever we set our minds to, we can accomplish and if we love the process, we will find happiness daily.


6. Gaining confidence
Ballet dancers strive to delight the audience every show - they perform stunningly difficult steps with grace and a smile on their faces. They make a decision to believe in themselves and their abilities every time they step on stage.
Self-confidence is perhaps one of life’s most important and beautiful qualities.
Ballet provides you with the opportunity to practice your skills, reach your goals, receive feedback, encouragement and praise and develop respect for the amazing things your body allows you to do, deepening your sense of self-worth.


7. Comparison is the thief of joy
No two people are born exactly the same and this is a beautiful thing. No two people standing at the barre are exactly the same, they will all have started somewhere different, and will develop in their unique manner. Your journey is yours only. When we stop comparing, we stop judging. When we no longer judge, we become free to be who we are, and accept others as they are, in the studio and beyond. Ballet allows you to perform as the best version of yourself as you move through elegant and graceful choreography, doing wonders for your self- worth! It is never too early or late to experience the wonder, excitement and benefits ballet can bring to your life. I truly believe that following your desire to explore ballet at any age sets the stage for success in other areas of your life.
Coach Me World is a wonderful platform to improve your technique, work on your skills and share your progress with many other dancers, all over the world!



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