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5 Snacks For Your Dance Bag

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Whether you have a big day of rehearsals in front of you or you simply have class after school, it’s important to ensure you’re fuelling your body with the energy it needs to perform at its best. Food is fuel and I personally love to always keep a few healthy snacks handy to ensure my energy levels are consistent throughout the day. Here are a few of my favourite delicious and nutritious snacks you can keep in your dance bag (this is exactly the reason we designed our CD Dance Bags with an insulated compartment in them - so you can keep your snacks and water cool and fresh). 


  • Raw Nuts & DIY Trail Mix 
  • Nuts are a great source of protein and they’re a great thing to keep in your bag for when you need a quick and easy hit of energy. I love almonds, cashews, pistachios and brazil nuts! Something I also like to do on the weekend is make a batch of my own healthy trail mix. All I do is mix almonds, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, sunflower seeds and dark chocolate coated goji berries into a container and I have enough to last me the week! 


  • Veggie Sticks & Dip 
  • This is one of my favourite go-to snacks and there are so many different delicious combinations you can make. A few of my favourites are: carrot sticks & hummus, cucumber & tzatziki, capsicum slices & guacamole and even snow peas and cottage cheese. It’s such a refreshing and satisfying snack. 


  • Bliss Balls 
  • I have a pretty big sweet tooth and another thing I always like to have in my bag is a bliss ball as a quick and easy snack, which always satisfies my cravings and also gives me a quick hit of energy. A few of my favourites are The Keep It Cleaner Peanut Butter Bliss Ball, Smooshed Wholefood Balls in Cacao Brownie Flavour and the Dineamic Salted Caramel Bliss Ball.   


  • Fruit and Nut butter 
  • Again, this one really satisfies my sweet tooth and also provides a good amount of fibre and protein! I even love one of these combinations after dinner if I’m still feeling hungry. I love apple slices with almond butter and cinnamon, dates stuffed with cashew butter and banana slices with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. 


  • Carbohydrate Rich Pre-Packet Snacks
  • Carbohydrate rich snacks are the perfect thing to always have on hand as that is the biggest energy source our body uses while we dance so it’s important to incorporate plenty of carbohydrates into your diet. For a quick and easy carb hit I love Cobbs Sweet & Salty Popcorn, some Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes or these delicious oven baked pretzels. 


    Love CD xxx

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