When there is a will, there is a way! This relates to everything in life & especially our dance training. In any circumstance, you can still achieve goals, adapt & change for the better if you give yourself the opportunity to. Even when you are in lockdowns & unable to use the studio space that you are accustomed to, you can still improve yourself, work on your weaknesses and stay motivated. You can make your goals happen anywhere, whether you are in your lounge room, outdoor area, your bedroom or even a hotel room- you just need an optimistic & adaptable mindset. 

    Training at home can have it’s obvious challenges:

    - Lacking motivation

    - Minimal feedback can be slower to improve at times

    However, remember there are always solutions to these challenges & this was why Claudia created Coach Me World. 

    To continue to improve from the comfort of your own home can have amazing benefits:

    - You can improve at your own pace

    - You have privacy to try new steps/skills and you have the freedom to create your own routine & schedule to improve. 

    I want to share with you how you can stay motivated dancing at home, give yourself structure & keep improving during any circumstance: 

    If you can, create a designated space to practice

    • Your space should simply be 1 metre by 1 metre at minimum, to give yourself room to turn & jump. 

    • Be sure it’s a quiet and safe space to practice so you feel confident to try new steps & take yourself out of your comfort zone

    • Try and minimise any distractions. Choose a place where you will not be interrupted by people, noise or any other things (for example doors opening etc.). 

    • Try to make this space welcoming & pleasant: have your vision board up on the wall, your powerband/ball/block neatly organised near by to motivate you 

    • Ensure there is enough light and airflow

    • Remember that Claudia has choreographed all the Key Exercises, Drills & Courses on Coach Me World to be on the spot to make it perfectly accessible to you wherever you may be training

     Setting aside a certain time each day to practice

    • This will keep you consistent and accountable

    • Devote anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to practicing each day. Small steps towards your goals each day will help you improve

    • Aim to practice using Coach Me World 5 times per week to maximise your results

    • Set an alarm on your phone, diary it or ask your friend to join in with you to help motivate you

    Remember that your motivation needs to come from within

    • Avoid relying on your mum, dad, sister or brother to remind you to do your daily practice, remember that your routine & commitment should be enough

    • Write out your goals and keep them in a place where you will see them constantly. You could jot them down on a notepad, write them on a whiteboard or even hang up your vision board in your training space! 

    • Having your goals in your sight constantly, or anywhere they are easily accessible, will keep them at the front of your mind, reminding you to remain focused and motivated!

    Have a clear intention each day of what you are wanting to improve

    • If you know that your feet need work, focus on improving your feet until you can see progress that you are encouraged by

    • Take your before & after photos so you are reminded of where you started

    • Being clear with your intentions will keep you focused towards that goal and will avoid confusion & being overwhelmed 

    Research different resources that can help you improve

    • We have the privilege & access to so many online resources that can help us along our journey (Coach Me, You Tube etc). Utilize these & use them to your advantage!  

    • Use this time to find what works for you, everyone learns & improves differently and what works for someone else might not work for you. 

    Applying these tips will help you remain motivated and focussed to continue working towards becoming the best version of yourself. By maintaining a positive mindset and staying disciplined and persistent, you will be able to improve your technique at home, no matter what your circumstances may currently be. 

    Coach Me gives the opportunity for any dancer around the world to improve anywhere & anytime throughout their journey. You can improve every aspect of your classical, jazz & lyrical technique by selecting any category of your technique & following our experienced coaches, follow alongs & daily exercises. To stay motivated all year round & from the comfort of your own home, start your free trial or log in to to begin!

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