The key to success: creating and sticking to a realistic, productive routine.

    Life can be incredibly unpredictable, so having routines can provide an anchor, giving you a sense of comfort and security. Humans are by nature creatures of habit and developing routines for different areas of your life comes with a wide array of benefits. 

    Whether it’s a morning routine to help you kickstart every day in the best way possible, an evening routine to help you unwind and relax after school, work and dance or an exercise and stretching routine, dedicating a portion of your day to perform certain activities regularly will always help move you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

    Routines allow you to carve out time to pursue the things that matter to you. Daily practice is a game changer when it comes to reaching your goals - that’s where the magic happens. In fact, having a daily routine is a guaranteed way to become better at anything you set your mind to.

    Doing the same actions regularly may sound incredibly boring, but the health benefits of having routines will have you wondering why you didn’t start earlier:

    - Better sleep

    - Lower stress levels

    - More time to pursue what you love

    - Setting good examples for those around you, and quite simply, feeling so much better, every single day.

    Take some time to write down all the things you do on a daily basis, over the course of a week. Consider what activities you could cut out completely, or reduce. Then, think about what you could group together to perform as a daily ritual. 

    While completing the same batch of actions regularly will help you form habits you will eventually perform automatically, routines shouldn’t  just consist of mundane tasks. Incorporating things you enjoy into your routines is essential in order for you to stick to them. Ensure your routines include a healthy balance of work and play as well as tie in organically with your schedule, so you can look forward to performing them regularly. 

    Efficient use of your time is one of the greatest benefits of a routine. Performing the simplest tasks on autopilot will help you set aside time for activities you truly enjoy, that help you move along on your journey of improvement. I like to follow the same steps every evening to wind down before I get to bed. This allows me to clear my head so I can get a good night’s sleep, waking up refreshed the next day.

    A consistent routine equals consistent progress. Completing the same routine every day ensures that you are taking every chance to improve. This is why I like to start every day by spending some time in the fresh air, meditating, to set myself up for a great day.

    Finally, having routines will help you improve your time management. Having a schedule and sticking to it, helps you stay accountable, ensuring you never miss a chance to improve. For example, consider when you prefer completing your Key Exercises. Do you like doing them first thing in the morning? As a pick-me-up activity early in the afternoon? Maybe you enjoy ending the day with some moments of focus? I like to set a reminder in my calendar every afternoon to perform 3 Key Exercises every day that will help me achieve my weekly goals.

    Big changes do not happen overnight. Practice makes progress and creating routines you enjoy will provide you with the necessary structure and accountability you need to achieve all your goals while spending more time and energy on the activities you truly enjoy!

    CD X