Auditions are one of the most exciting aspects of a dancers journey. Whether the audition is for a dance group, school, company or even a role in a ballet. Every single dancer will attend an audition or send a video audition at some stage of their career. Feeling nervous and having butterflies in your stomach before an audition is normal and is actually a good thing - it’s a sign you truly care and want to do well! 

    Today, I am sharing my top six tips to help you feel prepared and on top of your game before you head into an audition!

    1. Looking the part is vital - You’ll leave a lasting impression, by showing you care about your work & presentation. Wearing a bold or bright leotard will draw attention to you, while clean shoes, slick hair and light makeup prove you are meticulous with details. Avoid wearing skirts or warm ups during an audition, as this can easily seem untidy and hide your beautiful lines.

    2. Knowing where to stand in the studio is crucial. Unless you are assigned a place at the barre, according to alphabetical or numerical order, choose a spot that allows you to show off your good side first. It seems obvious to try to stand in the middle of the front line for center practice. However, this isn’t directly in the panel watching’s line of sight. Instead, place yourself in the center of the 2nd row, which is where their gaze will naturally fall as they look out into the studio.

    3. The vibe you give is just as important as your dancing. You want to seem eager and willing to learn and improve. Once the exercise is set, volunteer to go in the first group. This shows initiative, that you can quickly learn and perform steps. This is something that every director notices and appreciates.

    4. Thoroughly research the school or company you are auditioning for. The better you understand their style, the more you can focus on highlighting these details as you audition. For example, I know that the Royal Ballet appreciates fast, precise footwork.

    5. Whether you feel it or not, you want to give off the illusion of confidence throughout the audition. A calm demeanour and natural smile will make you seem happy and polite. Holding a tense, forced smile the entire time will not come across as genuine and make you appear nervous!

    6. Be prepared for anything! In the lead up to the audition, put your brain to the test by setting yourself random combinations at home, and performing them. The more familiar you are with different styles of movement and by practicing picking up little details, you will be able to master any combination that comes your way in an audition. Once you are in the studio - enjoy the dancing & show the directors why you love to dance. 

    What is meant for you will come your way. Remember that every audition is an opportunity to grow and learn as a dancer & a performer. Savour this opportunity to perform and absorb information from various teachers and directors. As you become more confident with every audition you take, you will find out what works for you and are able to do more of it. Goodluck at your upcoming audition! 


    CD X