Our Class with Claudia Intensives are designed with a unique structure, detailed coaching, attention to each student attending & positive atmosphere. 

Here's what dancers say


I wanted to say thank you! From a parents perspective it was so great just to see how much my dancer was not only enjoying herself, but how much she was learning. Nothing makes us happier to see her doing what she loves and absolutely loving it. It was a wonderful experience for her and I wouldn’t hesitate to put her in another intensive again.


I absolutely loved Claudia Dean's intensive! I loved how we got taught all of the exercises that revolved around all different areas. I loved the friendships and the special bonds I made there, the amazing environment with such high energy by everyone, and I just loved the intensive in general. It was such a great experience and hopefully I can go to another one in the future. I highly recommend!

- Lauren, dancer 

“I’m not over-exaggerating when I say it was THE BEST 3 days. I had so much fun and I just learnt soooo much. It was so nice to hear from Claudia and her experience, and that really gave me a bit of extra motivation to keep on pushing for what I want in the future. I was excited to come every single day, didn’t want to go home at the end of each day. I also loved how supportive all of us girls at the intensive were of each other. It was such an awesome experience." 

- harlow, dancer 

"As a parent it is very daunting leaving your child in a new environment but right from the get go my daughter was at ease and excited to be participating in the Claudia Dean Ballet Intensive. My daughter is a confident dancer however she wanted to improve her technical side of ballet. Claudia was able to instantly pin point these areas and give her helpful tips and tricks that have had an instant impact in the quality of her dance. My daughter would come home filled with a renewed passion and love for ballet. Claudia made every child feel welcome, important, capable and with her encouragement, guidance and belief I have seen my daughter learn more in 3 days than what I could have ever thought possible. It has been fundamental in helping my daughter grow, polish and refine her technique and she cannot wait to participate in future intensives."