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6 Items you NEED for your Dance Bag

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Behind every amazing dancer is a huge dance bag, and I’m the first to admit that I would be completely lost without my CD Dance Bag (it truly is my security blanket). Ballet is an art form and our body is our instrument, which is why we carry a whole host of accessories that help us to perform at our best! It’s so common to see dancers lugging around huge bags full of shoes, accessories, snacks and more, which is why at times it can be easy for things to get lost in there. This is the exact reason I designed the Claudia Dean Dance Bags in the first place! I wanted to create a bag that was not only big enough to fit everything in it, but one that also had enough separate compartments, to make everything easier to find! 

I often get asked what I keep in my bag so I’m prepared for anything the day throws at me, so today I’m sharing 6 essential items for your dance bag. 

  • Dance Shoes 

  • As dancers it’s very common to need more than one pair of shoes at a time (particularly at exams and auditions) which is why I designed the Pro Bags to have more than 12 convenient compartments in them. At any given time, it’s pretty likely to have canvas ballet shoes, demi pointe shoes, pointe shoes, jazz sneakers and sometimes even tap and character shoes too, so I find that having separate compartments to keep them all in, not only makes them easier to find, but also keeps my shoes in better condition for longer periods of time too. 

  • Hair accessories 

  • I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve accidently found myself caught off guard without a hairnet or hairpins; which is an easy thing to forget - especially if you’re coming straight to the studio from school - so now I always make sure I have a stash of hair accessories in my bag at all times. This compartment includes hair pins, scrunchies, headbands, hairnets, hairspray and a hairbrush.

  • A sewing kit 

  • This one is particularly important when you start dancing on demi pointe and pointe, as you need to sew ribbons onto your shoes. I’ve had many faux pas during class or rehearsals where a sewing kit has saved the day, including wardrobe malfunctions where skirts or leotard straps may have broken or I needed to quickly fix my ribbons, which is where a mini sewing kit with sewing needles, cotton, scissors and safety pins really come in handy! 

  • Toiletries 

  • I always keep a little stash of toiletries in one of the compartments of my bag, which includes things like deodorant, bandaids, mints (these really come in handy when you start doing pas de deux), hand sanitiser, make-up wipes and more! Part of being a dancer means always being prepared for anything, and these items always make me feel confident. 

  • Snacks & water 

  • I am addicted to drinking water and make sure I always drink a minimum of 2 Litres every single day (more if I have a long day of dancing). The easiest way for me to drink water is by carrying my CD Water Bottle with me everywhere, which keeps my water cold and ensures I stay hydrated throughout the day. I also like to pack some healthy snacks with me for a quick burst of energy (check out some of my favourite healthy snacks here) which is one of the reasons I designed the CD Pro Bags with an insulated compartment to keep them cool and fresh. 

  • Warm Up Equipment

  • I always like to keep some power equipment in my bag, which can come in handy for so many different reasons. The easiest thing to fit in a bag is a Power Band, which is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that can be used to stretch pre or post class or even used during class to help strengthen and condition your body. There are hundreds of exercises available on the Claudia Dean App that utilise the power band and will help improve your technique! 

    I designed a whole host of different Dance Bags in a range of different styles and colours, so there’s one to suit every dancer! We’ve JUST restocked our Ice Grey & Black Pro Bag 2.0’s 😍

    What do you like to keep in your dance bag? 

    Love CD xx

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