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Give a girl the right accessories and she can conquer the world (and the stage), and let's be real, there’s no accessory in a dancer's life that’s more important than your dance bag! Not only does it help keep us organised with all of the essentials we need all in one place like toe wraps, socks, ouch pouches, skirts and of course shoes (how many times have you rushed into class late because you could only find one?) but it also allows us to stay prepared with everything else we might need like water bottles, power bands, deodorant, hairspray, hair pins, hairnets and of course - what I would say is arguably the most important thing - snacks. 

The ideal dance bag needs to be equal parts functional, comfortable and of course fashionable, and lucky for you we have all three of these elements covered as well as THREE different dance bags for you to choose from. All of our bags are vegan, completely waterproof, have 12 convenient compartments, help promote good posture and back alignment and of course in classic CD style are all finished with stunning rose gold detailing, so you can live stylishly ever after. 


Pink is so much more than just a colour, it’s an attitude, and our OG Pro Bag in dusty pink is a whole mood. Feminine and super spacious (with 12 different compartments) whether you’ve got a full day of rehearsals or you’re heading to class straight after school, trust me when I say you can fit everything in this super lightweight bag! 

Just like a développé, this bag is full of classical beauty and grace! SHOP HERE


You’ve probably seen the Pro Bag in Black before (you might even have it - it’s one of our best sellers) but my new FAVOURITE bag to rock is the gorgeous new shade ice-grey - big slay! This bag has 12 compartments so you don’t spend hours rummaging through your belongings trying to find a hair pin, has a chilled insulated area to keep your water cold and will help keep your back and posture in good alignment. 

Just like an attitude in derrière, this bag is full of style and sass! SHOP HERE


What’s fashionable, functional and one of my favourite colours of all time? Our Dusk Grey Tote Bag that’s perfect for anyone who prefers carrying a tote bag to a backpack. With 10 compartments, there’s somewhere to fit everything from shoes and sweaty leotards right through to a laptop, snacks and hairpins. 

Just like a Battement Frappé this bag is strong and striking. SHOP HERE

Remember, life is too short to carry a boring bag, so whatever your style, you’re sure to find a dance bag you love! SHOP OUR FULL RANGE OF DANCE BAGS HERE.

Love always CD xxx

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