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Tips for Rejection

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A reminder that experiencing rejection is normal. You, me & everyone around you has/will experience some type of rejection in their life. Rejection is an important part of self development because it’s what helps us grow & evolve as a person. What you learn from it and how you carry on, as a stronger, more confident version of yourself, is what truly matters! 

I know when you have just experienced rejection, it can be hard to see it as an opportunity for growth, so I want to break this topic down for you, and share some of my suggestions, so you can realise that when one door closes, a better one will open. 


1. Acknowledge how you feel & talk about it

When we receive rejection, it is normal to feel hurt & upset. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings as it is a part of healing and moving on. When you receive rejections it is important to put it behind you and focus on the next opportunities! You may receive 100 “no’s”, but it only takes one yes to put you in the right direction. I honestly believe in ‘What is meant to be, will be’ & you are receiving this rejection as there is something better for you around the corner, you just need to be patient!


2. Don’t blame yourself

Every dancer, teacher, adjudicator & director has their own favourite types of dancers, looks etc. & that really is a wonderful thing. Imagine if we were all the same - life would be pretty boring! 

It’s normal to look for an answer about why you weren’t the one chosen for a role or hired into a company. Sometimes, it’s simply not straightforward, and when we can’t find answers, we tend to blame ourselves. Sometimes, the outcome is completely out of your hands, and it would be unfair to assume you did something wrong, or blame yourself for things that were out of your control.

We are all so unique, not only in the way we move as dancers, but also in the way we interact as people. The opinion someone has of you, whether they are the director of a company or a school, a teacher or a choreographer, or an adjudicator is exactly that: an opinion. It is one they are entitled to, but you can’t always understand or influence, and one you most certainly do not need to change for, in order to suit them.


3. Become resilient

Being rejected does not determine who you are, but how you bounce back from it can determine your future! The ability to keep an open mind, focusing on solutions and what you can learn, asking for support, seeing mistakes as a necessary step on the road to success. Once you learn that every situation, even one that has left you feeling upset, is a chance to grow and become a better version of yourself, you will find that far more exciting opportunities start coming your way!


4. Keep going

The greatest success comes from persisting even when you’re rejected. Every successful person, whether they are a dancer or not, has been rejected, it’s all part of life. Once you start seeing rejection as something that is completely normal and necessary to grow, you stop taking it personally. This acceptance not only makes knock-backs less painful, but continuously putting yourself out there and tackling every opportunity will ultimately lead you to your goals, even if it takes you down another path or longer than you thought.

Life will never really follow the exact journey we had imagined or as someone else. Once you learn to focus on your strengths, work on your resilience and accept that rejection is a normal experience, every setback you experience will ultimately become an important lesson in life. Stay true to who you are and what you believe in - you don’t need to change for anyone. Sometimes, finding the right place and people can take several tries! 

‘Always believe that something amazing is about to happen’ X

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