As a growing small business, Claudia Dean World knows the importance of reducing our environmental footprint. We are making the conscious effort to source sustainable fabrics, ethical factories, include biodegradable packaging only & minimise waste during production lines.


In our conscious effort to be a sustainable brand, we ensure our garment and shipping packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. These are environmentally friendly & reusable for our consumers.


We regularly liaise with our manufacturers to ensure that their team is working in fair and ethical conditions. Our team oversees their processes and ensures that the environment is safe and comfortable.

Premium Quality of Fabrics

Since we began our Collections in 2017 we have always made the conscious effort to source eco friendly fabrics where possible, whilst keeping our premium quality. Our mission is to ensure that the quality of our garments are luxury, as well as making a positive environmental impact. We work closely with our manufacturers to make sure that each piece is handmade with optimum quality in mind.

Minimising Waste

Our team and manufacturers want to ensure that we are minimising waste in the manufacturing process of creating our garments. An example of this is ensuring that any leftover fabric is minimised through smart manufacturing techniques. When off-cuts do remain, our manufacturers aim to repurpose them towards the creation of sample garments, hair scrunchies & future collections. 


We are proud to be making a positive impact to the environment whilst still producing our quality garments. Our mission is to stay sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly throughout our journey of bringing you the most comfortable dancewear & activewear garments in the world.